Smoking Bans Extended to Prisons but Smokers Already Prisoners

In addition to arranging for pet and plant care, smokers preparing for incarceration in a Federal prison may want to consider getting into a smoking cessation program before grabbing their toothbrush and heading to the slammer.
Effective January 2015, the Federal Bureau of Prisons prohibits smoking of tobacco in any form in and on the grounds of Bureau institutions and offices, except as part of authorized inmate religious activity. Bureau staff and visitors may only smoke in designated outdoor areas.
Let’s face it, prison is stressful enough without having to quit smoking cold turkey in that environment. Prisoners in Melbourne’s Metropolitan Remand Centre smashed doors, walls and fences, and ruined the fire alarm and heating systems, with damage estimated at $12 million, after a smoking ban was introduced in June.

Since hypnosis is also an excellent way to reduce stress, future incarcarees would be well advised to consider hypnotherapy to quit smoking and reduce stress prior to beginning their sentence.

Of course, most of our clients are good, law abiding citizens but when you think about it, aren’t all smokers in one sense prisoners? The vast majority of our quit smoking with hypnosis clients use the word “free” when they describe how they will feel once they become non-smokers.

Lately all smokers have been finding it more difficult to find places to smoke in public and the “real world” is also full of stressful situations for both smokers and non-smokers. That’s why using hypnosis to quit smoking is such a good idea.

We regularly work with clients to reduce their stress while also helping reduce cravings and develop alternate behaviors to make you able to quit smoking with hypnosis as comfortable as possible.

If you’re ready to quit smoking, we want to help. Check out our Quit Smoking in 88 Minutes program today or schedule an appointment to quit smoking now.

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