Quit Smoking with Hypnosis and NLP

The Quit Smoking Program

Our proprietary Quit Smoking in 88 Minutes program starts with three sessions, one each week for three weeks. During these sessions, we will use advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques and Hypnosis to:

  • Reduce/eliminate nicotine cravings
  • Install new behaviors to replace smoking while providing the same benefit.
  • Create a dislike for tobacco products
  • Begin thinking like a non-smoker

We will also teach you powerful techniques that you can use whenever you want to give you complete control over your smoking addiction.

If you are not 100% off smoking by the end of the third session, then we will continue working with you every week until you are completely smoke-free.

Once you complete the program of at least three sessions and have successfully become a non-smoker, then we will stand behind your success for 1 year so if you should happen to relapse, we’ll be there to continue working with you again, at no additional charge, until you’re once again a non-smoker.