High School Cigarette Smoking Drops to 22 Year Low

In 2013, number of high school students fell to 15.7% according to a study by the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). This means the government has already reached its goal of reducing the rate of teen smoking 16% or. ┬áThe original goal was to reach this level by 2020. Another source, “Monitoring the Future”, reports the rate is at 16.3%. Regardless of the discrepancy, both surveys show fewer kids are smoking.
This good news is attributed to several factors. ┬áThe number 1 reason is the rising costs of cigarettes. let’s face it. With cigarettes costing between $6 and $15 a pack, it doesn’t make sense for an adult with a job to smoke any more so few teens can afford the habit. Other reasons include the growing stigmatization of smoking, it’s no longer the cool thing to do in many teen circles and with half of states now prohibiting smoking in places like bars and restaurants and even outdoor public places it’s becoming a lot more inconvenient to smoke as well. Additionally, the smoking rate among adults is dropping too, which means children have fewer smoking role models.

While it’s true that these statistics show a significant increase in the use of e-cigarettes among teens these studies also suggest that the majority of teens using e-cigarettes are also the ones using traditional smokes so the study doesn’t indicate in increase in new users due to e-cigarettes.

While the problem of teens starting smoking is far from over, it’s gratifying to see that things are moving in the right direction.
If you are a parent and a smoker, it’s important you realize what a powerful effect your smoking has on the chances of your children becoming smokers. Whether they want to or not, children emulate their parents behavoirs both good and bad. The old and well worn phrase “Do as I say and not as I do” has never carried much weight, most especially when it comes to smoking.
No matter how many times you’ve tried to quit in the past and failed, you can still quit smoking now and Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help you get there with techniques that will reduce your cravings, lessen your enjoyment and increase your motivation without putting potentially harmful drugs into your body.
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