Michigan Earns Poor Grades in Smoking Prevention Review

According to the American Lung Association’s review of Michigan’s smoke prevention activities, the state received a failing grade in both Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coverage while garnering a B in the Smoke-free Air category and a C for their cigarette tax policy.
The F grade for Michigan’s Tobacco Prevention Control and Spending was based upon the combined state and federal funding for tobacco control programs of $4.7 million for 2014, which amounts to only 3.9% of the Center for Disease Control’s recommended level of $121.2 million.
Michigan also received an F for the state’s Cessation coverage.  The state’s primary shortfall in this category is based upon the fact that the state only spends $.52 per smoker on the states “quitline” program compared to the CDC’s recommended investment of $10.53 per smoker and the fact that the state does not mandate private insurance company’s cover smoking cessation programs.
Given smoking is a matter of individual choice, an argument could be made that the CDC’s recommendations, upon which Michigan’s failing grades were based are totally unreasonable. Michigan’s tax rate of $2 per pack, higher than the national average, did garner the state a C grade in that category and Michigan’s regulations and restrictions regarding smoke-free environments did earn it a solid “B” grade.
Apparently we can all be glad that we can enjoy an abundance of smoke-free environments here in Michigan yet lack more people to call or enough free programs paid for by smokers and non-smokers alike to help smokers quit. A quick search of the internet will produce more non-smoking programs and tips than a person should reasonably need, including the Quit Smoking in 88 Minutes hypnotherapy program offered here.  Do yourself a favor and pick one, any one, and get started without further delay.
The day you quit smoking you body begins to heal itself.  If you’ve dried other programs and failed, try hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy gets to the core reason you smoke…. your unconscious mind and reprograms you to begin thinking like a non-smoker again and it doesn’t take a lot of will power, just the desire to change.

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